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About the Little Angel Readers®:
  • Readers in the LITTLE ANGEL READERS series teach letter-sound relationships systematically, beginning with the easiest letter sounds.

  • Over 90 phonograms (letter-sound combinations) are taught. Phonograms are taught in a systematic order so students can see the regularity in the English language. All phonograms needed to read English are taught.

  • Word drill pages provide practice in decoding words containing the letter-sound. Daily word drills build accuracy and fluency.

  • Stories with phonetically-controlled vocabulary follow each word drill page. The stories provide practice in decodong words in context and build comprehension skills.

  • Child appealing stories include Catholic family life, Bible and saint stories, and fables and folktales to build Christian character.

  • Review pages are included at regular intervals.

  • Four softcover readers, 9 x 6 size, color illustrations, average length 80 pages.

  • Large type size throughout the series is easy on young readers' eyes.

  • ​LITTLE ANGEL READER Workbooks reinforce lessons from the Readers with excercises in phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension and word structure.

  • Four consumable workbooks, 8 1/2 x 11 size, 64 pages each, black & white. 
Additional Skills Taught with this Series:

Structural Analysis Skills:
  • Plurals -s, -es
  • Verb inflections -s, -ed, -ing
  • Contractions
  • Compound words
  • Two-syllable words 
  • Suffixes -y, -ly, -er

Study Skills:
  • Following directions
  • Left/right directionality
  • Alphabetical order
  • Alphabetizing words (first letter only)
Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills:
  • Word meanings
  • Context clues
  • Classifying words into categories
  • Antonyms (opposites)
  • Homophones
  • Details of stories
  • Sequence of events
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Cause and effect 
  • Predicting outcomes

Auditory Skills:
  • Distinguishing between sounds
  • Rhyming words
1st grade, fall 
1st grade, spring 
2nd grade, fall 
2nd grade, spring 
Average Student
Reading Level
of Text
Bright Student
Slow Learner
Grade Level Placement 

We recommend that students begin in Little Angel Reader A after they are somewhat familiar with the consonant sounds. After completing Reader D, the student should be able to go into any other reading program at the second-to-third-grade reading level.

Reader A        
Reader B         
Reader C       
Reader D 
First grade
1st grade, fall 
1st grade, winter
1st grade, spring
Early 2nd grade

1st grade, fall
1st grade, winter
1st grade, spring

Sample, Story for Ending -le.
Sample, Word Drill Page
Phonics Skills Taught with this Series: